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import logger
from basetestcase import BaseTestCase
from remote.remote_util import RemoteUtilHelper
from couchbase_helper.document import View
class SaslPassTests(BaseTestCase):
def setUp(self):
super(SaslPassTests, self).setUp()
def tearDown(self):
super(SaslPassTests, self).tearDown()
def pass_encrypted_in_logs_test(self):
self.bucket_size = self._get_bucket_size(self.quota, 1)
self._create_sasl_buckets(self.master, 1, password='mysuperpass')
bucket = self.buckets[-1]
if self.input.param("load", 0):
self.num_items = self.input.param("load", 0)
if self.input.param("views", 0):
views = []
for i in xrange(self.input.param("views", 0)):
views.append(View("view_sasl" + str(i),
'function (doc, meta) {'
'emit(, "emitted_value%s");}' % str(i),
None, False))
self.create_views(self.master, "ddoc", views, bucket)
if self.input.param("rebalance", 0):
self.servers[self.nodes_init:self.nodes_init + self.input.param("rebalance", 0)],
for server in self.servers[:self.nodes_init]:
for log_file in ['debug', 'info', 'views', 'xdcr']:
self.assertFalse(RemoteUtilHelper.is_text_present_in_logs(server, bucket.saslPassword, logs_to_check=log_file),
"%s logs contains password in plain text" % log_file)
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