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CBQE-0 add missing import class

Change-Id: Iacb8857a314cdfa93d1df921e95ba69b7b8579e0
Reviewed-by: Thuan Nguyen <>
Tested-by: Thuan Nguyen <>
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1 parent c479338 commit 1f4ab21b21e60c07c767cc536fab1806927e34e8 @saigon saigon committed Mar 3, 2014
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@@ -8,6 +8,7 @@
from memcached.helper.data_helper import MemcachedClientHelper
from membase.api.rest_client import RestConnection, Bucket
from membase.helper.rebalance_helper import RebalanceHelper
+from membase.api.exception import RebalanceFailedException
from couchbase.documentgenerator import BlobGenerator
from remote.remote_util import RemoteMachineShellConnection
from membase.helper.cluster_helper import ClusterOperationHelper

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