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prevent autotools stuff rebuilding for snappy

git may checkout files in arbitrary order. Looks like on GNU/Linux
with high precision mtime it can cause produced Makefile to think that or or even aclocal.m4 need to be rebuilt. And
that fails on my machine because it has different versions of

The cure is to touch this files in correct order.

Change-Id: I1eacdc606c3885cdb449c44fbe90c6ee0b914a59
Tested-by: Aliaksey Kandratsenka <>
Reviewed-by: Trond Norbye <>
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Aliaksey Kandratsenka authored and trondn committed Mar 16, 2012
1 parent 111b624 commit 6882d34f3512597d4749042a406d8e2a7bfd07d3
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@@ -196,6 +196,17 @@ moxi_OPTIONS += --with-memcached=$(DESTDIR)$(PREFIX)/bin/memcached
deps-for-moxi: make-install-libconflate make-install-libvbucket make-install-libmemcached make-install-memcached
+snappy/autotools-rebuild-silenced: snappy/Makefile
+ touch snappy/aclocal.m4
+ touch snappy/
+ touch snappy/
+ touch snappy/configure
+ touch snappy/config.status
+ touch snappy/Makefile
+ touch $@
+make-install-snappy: snappy/autotools-rebuild-silenced
deps-for-couchstore: make-install-snappy
couchstore_OPTIONS := CFLAGS='-I$(PREFIX)/include' CPPFLAGS='-I$(PREFIX)/include' LDFLAGS='-L$(PREFIX)/lib'

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