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MB-5855: Add missing python files

Since we use tlm to copy python files to bin directory on window build,
we need to modify tlm for those newly added python files.

Change-Id: I02299728d4dd2789a22b62a385a5aaf39d0fc67a
Reviewed-by: Steve Yen <>
Tested-by: Bin Cui <>
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1 parent 0aecc83 commit ecf93e937244a6bc4939451858712f1616877a77 @bcui6611 bcui6611 committed Jul 10, 2012
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@@ -297,7 +297,7 @@ membase-cli/Makefile:
(cd membase-cli && mkdir -p $(PREFIX)/bin/simplejson && \
- cp couchbase-cli *.py LICENSE $(PREFIX)/bin && \
+ cp couchbase-cli cbbackup cbrestore cbtransfer cbclusterstats *.py LICENSE $(PREFIX)/bin && \
cp simplejson/LICENSE.txt simplejson/*.py $(PREFIX)/bin/simplejson)

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