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Memo, Member, BlockPress, Wewo Protocol and Proposals
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Microblogging Protocols

Memo, Member, BlockPress, Wewo, Matter Protocol and Proposals

Action Prefix Values Notes
Memo Protocol uses P2PKH addresses. Actions are saved using OP_RETURN. Message data is UTF-8 encoded
Set name 0x6d01 name(217)
Post memo 0x6d02 message(217)
Reply to memo 0x6d03 txhash(32), message(184)
Like / tip memo 0x6d04 txhash(32)
Set profile text 0x6d05 message(217)
Follow user 0x6d06 address(20)
Unfollow user 0x6d07 address(20)
Set profile picture 0x6d0a url(217)
Repost memo 0x6d0b txhash(32), message(184) Planned
Post topic message 0x6d0c topic(variable), message(214 - topic length)
Create poll 0x6d10 poll_type(1), option_count(1), question(209)
Add poll option 0x6d13 poll_txhash(32), option(184)
Poll vote 0x6d14 poll_txhash(32), comment(184)
Mute user 0x6d16 address(20)
Unmute user 0x6d17 address(20)
Send money 0x6d24 message(217)
Assertion 0x6da1 address(20),message(196) An Assertion says something about a Memo user - let's say 'Is Unbiased' might be a good assertion for a journalist. Users can make assertions about themselves or other users. (Planned)
Claim ID 0x6da2 service(4),identifier(212) Claim ID allows a user to claim other profiles, like Twitter, Facebook etc as part of their identity. (Planned)
Disclaim ID 0x6da3 service(4),identifier(212) Disclaim ID allows a user to remove profiles from their identity. (Planned)
Rating 0x6da4 txhash(32),message(184) A Rating allows a user to give a score of between 1 and 255 to an assertion, or a ID Claim, (or any memo transaction), together with an optional message for feedback. A 0 rating indicates no rating (used for retraction of previous rating) (Planned)
User Rating 0x6da5 address(20),message(196) User Rating allows a user to give another user an overall rating between 1 and 255. This might record a view on a user's overall suitability to participate. A 0 rating indicates no rating (used for retraction of previous rating)
Block user 0x6da6 address(20) Implemented on Member
Unblock user 0x6da7 address(20) Implemented on Member
Geotag 0x6da8 geohash(variable),message(214-geohash length) Implemented on Member.
Dislike post 0x6db4 txhash(32) Similar to Reddit Downvote Implemented on Member
WEWO Protocol uses P2PKH addresses. Actions are saved using OP_RETURN.
PostBlogHeader 0x7701 BlogId(4), ChunksCount(2), Title(up to 67)
PostBlogContent 0x7702 BlogId(4), ChunkIndex(2), Content(up to 67)
BlockPress The Protocol uses P2PKH addresses and all actions are stored on-chain with OP_RETURN and data in payloads are UTF-8 encoded.
Set Name 0x8d01 Text (77 Bytes)
Create Text Post 0x8d02 Text (77 Bytes)
Reply to posts (+ other replies!) 0x8d03 Txhash (32 bytes) - Replying to tx Text (45 bytes) - Reply body
Like a Post (Optionally Tip Author) 0x8d04 Txhash (32 bytes) - Liking post tx, Text (45 bytes) - Not used/ Reserved
Follow Profile 0x8d06 Address (35 bytes) - Legacy Address (Coming soon: RIPEMD160 of pubkey)
Unfollow Profile 0x8d07 Address (35 bytes) - Legacy Address (Coming soon: RIPEMD160 of pubkey)
Set Profile Header 0x8d08 Header URL/IPFS Hash (77 bytes)
Create Media Post 0x8d09 See website
Set Profile Avatar 0x8d10 Avatar URL/IPFS Hash (77 bytes)
Create Post in Community 0x8d11 Community name (Variable length bytes) - Longer the name, the shorter the message can be Message (74 - Community name length)
PostBlogHeader 0x8d12 BlogId(4), ChunksCount(2), Title(up to 67)
Matter P2PKH Bitcoin Cash addresses and actions are stored in transactions with OP_RETURN. All string payloads are UTF8 encoded.
Create Post Header 0x9d01 sha256, chunkCount, title, tag1...tagN
Create Post Chunk 0x9d02 postHeaderTxId, chunkId, contentBytes
Set Profile Name 0x9d03 profileName
Set Profile Image 0x9d04 profileImage
Set Profile Bio 0x9d05 profileBio


Memo Official Protocol

Wewo Official Protocol

BlockPress Official Protocol

Matter Official Protocol

Proposal for tagging users and topics with 1 satoshi outputs

Proposal for creating expanded identies and rating reputations

Proposal for creating longer messages by grouping outputs together

Proposal for storing media on IPFS

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