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An open source membership, access and payments portal.
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MemberMatters Portal

The MemberMatters portal is an open source membership and access management solution.


  • Member registration system (signup, login etc)
  • Profile - members can update all their info in one place
  • Issue reporting tool
  • Access system built in
    • Activate new members & enable/disable existing members
    • Granular door and tool/machines permissions
    • API so readers/interlocks can check access
    • Swipe statistics (last seen and recent swipes)
  • Member overview for admins
  • Groups / Causes / Areas
  • Admin Interface
  • Webcam integration with Unifi Video
  • Full "Memberbucks" Support
    • Debit API for vending machines etc.
    • Members can see a transaction history (credits & debits) and current balance
    • Stripe integration
  • Automatically create a xero contact and create invoice when a new person is made into a member

Coming Soon

  • Manage recurring membership payments via Stripe
  • Edit member swipe in theme

Getting Started

See getting started for instructions on how to run the MemberMatters software for your organisation.

See getting started (for developers) for instructions on how to setup your development environment for the MemberMatters software.


[Coming soon once the frontend rewrite is done]

Contributing Guidelines

See getting started (for developers) for guidelines.

Special Note

This software used to be called "hsbneportal". It was written by Jaimyn (@jabelone) and used by HSBNE to manage their membership. It has since been rewritten to be organisation agnostic so others can use it too. If you find references to HSBNE, HSBNE Inc, or Space. this is why. :)

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