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Membrane Service Proxy

GitHub release

Check the Repository at GitHub for the latest source code. Read the CHANGELOG for recent changes.

What is Membrane?

Membrane Service Proxy is an open source, reverse HTTP proxy framework written in Java, licensed under ASF 2.0, that can be used as

  • a Service Virtualization layer,
  • an API Gateway,
  • a synchronous ESB for HTTP based Integration,
  • a Security Proxy.

To get started, follow the SOAP and REST tutorials or have a look at the examples or the FAQ.

Get Started

Download the binary.


Start or service-proxy.bat.

Have a look at the main configuration file conf/proxies.xml. Changes to this file are instantly deployed.

Run the samples in the examples directory or go to the website for more documentation.


Hosting virtual REST services is easy:

<serviceProxy port="80">
    <target host="" />

SOAP proxies configure themselves by analysing WSDL:

<soapProxy wsdl="">

Add features like logging or XML Schema validation against a WSDL document:

<soapProxy wsdl="">
	<validator />
	<log />