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Membrane SOA Model

Check the Repository at GitHub for the latest source code. What is SOA Model?

Membrane SOA Model is an open-source toolkit and Java API for WSDL and XML Schema, licensed under ASF 2.0. that can:

  • Parse, create or modify a WSDL or XML Schema Document from Java
  • Compare two WSDL or XML Schema Documents
  • Create a SOAP Request or Template
  • Analyze a WSDL or Schema document and generate an HMTL report

Command Line Tools

Membrane SOA Model provides command line tools beside the java api for

  • Analyzing a WSDL document and generating a report
  • Creating a SOAP request or template out of WSDL
  • Comparing two WSDL or Schema documents

All you need is to download and run the batch with commands.

Code Samples

Here are some examples of the tasks you can achive with SOA Model. For more details see the documentation.

Parsing a wsdl:

WSDLParser parser = new WSDLParser();
Definitions defs = parser.parse("");

Creating a new wsdl:

Definitions wsdl = new Definitions("", "AddService");
PortType pt = wsdl.newPortType("AddPortType");
Operation op = pt.newOperation("add");
op.newInput("add").newMessage("add").newPart("parameters", "tns:add");
op.newOutput("addResponse").newMessage("addResponse").newPart("parameters", "tns:addResponse");
return wsdl;

Comparing two wsdls:

Definitions wsdl1 = parser.parse("resources/diff/1/article.wsdl");
Definitions wsdl2 = parser.parse("resources/diff/2/article.wsdl");
WsdlDiffGenerator diffGen = new WsdlDiffGenerator(wsdl1, wsdl2);
List<Difference> lst =;

Comparing two schemas:

Schema schema1 = parser.parse("resources/diff/1/common.xsd"); 
Schema schema2 = parser.parse("resources/diff/2/common.xsd");
SchemaDiffGenerator diffGen = new SchemaDiffGenerator(schema1, schema2);
List<Difference> lst =;

Creating a soap request:

Definitions wsdl = parser.parse("resources/article/article.wsdl");
StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
SOARequestCreator creator = new SOARequestCreator(wsdl, new RequestTemplateCreator(), new MarkupBuilder(writer));
//creator.createRequest(PortType name, Operation name, Binding name);
creator.createRequest("ArticleServicePT", "create", "ArticleServicePTBinding");

Integration Testing

To run "mvn integration-test" in an isolated environment, you may run

docker build .

if you have a Docker Engine available.