A server application that executes in the Node.js runtime, targeting Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Linux platforms. Its primary function is to process media files, making them available for browsing and streaming by the Membrane Monitor application.
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Membrane Media Library

A server application that executes in the Node.js runtime, with target platforms including Microsoft Windows, macOS, and Ubuntu Linux.

Primary functions:

  • Scan a directory for media files to find available video clips.
  • Provide media metadata and thumbnail images for browsing by clients.
  • Provide video streams to playback by HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) clients, such as the Membrane Monitor application.
  • Accept commands received from the Membrane Control interface

Builds: https://membranesoftware.com/membrane-media-library/

About Membrane Media Library: https://membranesoftware.com/i/about-membrane-media-library