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A change was accidentally introduced where part of the graceful shutdown
code (stop_threads() -> close_conns()) would execute during non-graceful
shutdown (INT/TERM). This could lead to hangs or bugs if using code that
does not support graceful shutdown (proxy).

This does not restore the old method of immediately exiting, and still
frees some memory and returns from main(), but it no longer attempts to
stop all the worker threads.

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Memcached is a high performance multithreaded event-based key/value cache store intended to be used in a distributed system.


A fun story explaining usage:

If you're having trouble, try the wiki:

If you're trying to troubleshoot odd behavior or timeouts, see: is a good resource in general. Please use the mailing list to ask questions, github issues aren't seen by everyone!


  • libevent - (libevent-dev)
  • libseccomp (optional, experimental, linux) - enables process restrictions for better security. Tested only on x86-64 architectures.
  • openssl (optional) - enables TLS support. need relatively up to date version. pkg-config is needed to find openssl dependencies (such as -lz).


Be warned that the -k (mlockall) option to memcached might be dangerous when using a large cache. Just make sure the memcached machines don't swap. memcached does non-blocking network I/O, but not disk. (it should never go to disk, or you've lost the whole point of it)

Build status

See for multi-platform regression testing status.

Bug reports

Feel free to use the issue tracker on github.

If you are reporting a security bug please contact a maintainer privately. We follow responsible disclosure: we handle reports privately, prepare a patch, allow notifications to vendor lists. Then we push a fix release and your bug can be posted publicly with credit in our release notes and commit history.