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use strict;
use FindBin qw($Bin);
our @files;
chdir "$Bin/.." or die;
my @exempted = qw( ChangeLog doc/ README;
push(@exempted, glob("doc/*.xml"));
push(@exempted, glob("doc/xml2rfc/*.xsl"));
push(@exempted, glob("m4/*backport*m4"));
my %exempted_hash = map { $_ => 1 } @exempted;
my @stuff = split /\0/, `git ls-files -z -c -m -o --exclude-standard`;
@files = grep { ! $exempted_hash{$_} } @stuff;
# We won't find any files if git isn't installed. If git isn't
# installed, they're probably not doing any useful development, or
# at the very least am will clean up whitespace when we receive
# their patch.
unless (@files) {
use Test::More;
plan skip_all => "Skipping tests probably because you don't have git.";
exit 0;
use Test::More tests => scalar(@files);
foreach my $f (@files) {
open(my $fh, $f) or die "Cannot open file $f: $!";
my $before = do { local $/; <$fh>; };
close ($fh);
my $after = $before;
$after =~ s/\t/ /g;
$after =~ s/ +$//mg;
$after .= "\n" unless $after =~ /\n$/;
ok ($after eq $before, "$f (see devtools/");
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