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devtools adjust clean-whitespace to match t/whitespace
m4 Backporting AC_PROG_CC_C99 macro for redhat.
scripts no same-class reassignment, better errors
.gitignore Generate the memcached.spec along with the version number.
.shipit Checking in changes prior to tagging of version 1.2.4. Changelog diff…
AUTHORS autoconf/automake support from evan
BUILD better build instructions
COPYING add a duplicate of the LICENSE file so GNU automake doesn't assume it…
ChangeLog Issue 131 - ChangeLog is outdated
Doxyfile Exclude testapp.c instead of internal_tests.c from docs.
HACKING Add links to
LICENSE change from GPL to BSD. Add sasl_defs.h to the sources to include it in make dist
NEWS auto* changes, update to version 1.0.2
assoc.h move hash calls outside of cache_lock
cache.h Added documentation on the cache interface Better detection of sasl_callback_ft
daemon.c Build fixes for ubuntu 8.10/64.
globals.c slab reassignment
hash.c Refactor: moved the hash function from assoc.c to hash.c
hash.h Refactor: moved the hash function from assoc.c to hash.c
items.h initial slab automover
memcached_dtrace.d Updated documentation comments for DTrace probes.
protocol_binary.h Add binary GATK/GATKQ
sasl_defs.c Better detection of sasl_callback_ft
sasl_defs.h Specify hostname in sasl_server_new.
sizes.c Created a tool to show us the sizes of various data structures.
solaris_priv.c Remove compilation errors from gcc on Solaris
stats.c Ignore stats prefix for keys without prefix delimiter
stats.h stats_prefix_* should not assume that all keys are zero-terminated
timedrun.c bug237: Don't compute incorrect argc for timedrun
trace.h Backport binary TOUCH/GAT/GATQ commands
util.c Issue 221: Increment treats leading spaces as 0
util.h Issue: #83: Refactor: use htonll or ntohll if the os provides them Make autoversioning/spec gen work better. Generate the memcached.spec along with the version number.

   -- libevent, (libevent-dev)

If using Linux, you need a kernel with epoll.  Sure, libevent will
work with normal select, but it sucks.

epoll isn't in Linux 2.4, but there's a backport at:

You want the epoll-lt patch (level-triggered).

If you're using MacOS, you'll want libevent 1.1 or higher to deal with
a kqueue bug.

Also, be warned that the -k (mlockall) option to memcached might be
dangerous when using a large cache.  Just make sure the memcached machines
don't swap.  memcached does non-blocking network I/O, but not disk.  (it
should never go to disk, or you've lost the whole point of it)

The memcached website is at:

Want to contribute?  Up-to-date pointers should be at:
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