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Memcached 1.4.25 Release Notes

Date: 2015-11-19



Many small fixes from internal and public pull requests/bug reports have gone into this release. Thanks to all of those who contribute.

A large change to slab class rebalancing has gone into this release. Please read carefully below and try the new options, as they may improve your memory efficiency and hit ratio. Especially for long running instances.


  • Automake improvements
  • Misc documentation fixes
  • Misc updates to startup scripts
  • lru_crawler enable blocks until ready (test failure)
  • Record and report on time spent in listen_disabled (time_in_listen_disabled_us)
  • Update manpage for -I command. Make it more clear
  • Fix display of settings.hot_lru_pct in stats settings
  • No longer edits the output of ps while processing arguments
  • No longer crashes when failing to give arguments to some start args
  • Fix memcached unable to bind to an ipv6 address
  • No longer attempts bind to same interface more than once
  • fixed libevent version check: add the missing 1.0.x version check
  • fix off-by-one in LRU crawler, causing rare segfault
  • remove another invalid assert(), fixes clang and pedantic compilation

New Features

Slab automover has gotten a very large update. The wider discussion can be found in the pull request.

As data is stored into memcached, it pre-allocates pages of memory into slab classes of a particular size (ie: 90 bytes, 120 bytes). If you fill your cache with 90 byte objects, and then start writing 120 byte objects, there will be much less space available for 120 byte objects.

With the slab automover improvements, freed memory can be reclaimed back into a global pool and reassigned to new slab classes. You can also still manually move slab pages between classes with your own external process if the automover does not fit your needs (see doc/protocol.txt for full details).

The automover now attempts to rescue items which are still valid when moving a page from one class to another, or from one class into the global page pool. This makes it much less destructive.

To get all of the benefits of the last few releases, we recommend adding the following startup options:

-o slab_reassign,slab_automove,lru_crawler,lru_maintainer

A modern start line includes a few other items:

-o slab_reassign,slab_automove,lru_crawler,lru_maintainer,maxconns_fast,hash_algorithm=murmur3

Many of these options are likely to become defaults in the future.


The following people contributed to this release since 1.4.24.

Note that this is based on who contributed changes, not how they were done. In many cases, a code snippet on the mailing list or a bug report ended up as a commit with your name on it.

Note that this is just a summary of how many changes each person made which doesn't necessarily reflect how significant each change was. For details on what led up into a branch, either grab the git repo and look at the output of git log 1.4.24..1.4.25 or use a web view.

    20  dormando
     3  Cameron Norman
     3  Miroslav Lichvar
     2  Antony Dovgal
     1  Alwayswithme
     1  Ian Miell
     1  Johan Bergström
     1  Mattias Geniar
     1  Roman Mueller
     1  Saman Barghi
     1  Sharif Nassar
     1  Yongyue Sun
     1  githublvv
     1  kenvifire
     1  mdl
     1  wangkang-xy
     1  zhoutai