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Memcached 1.5.14 Release Notes

Date: 2019-4-27



Bugfix release. No new features. Fix an extstore test failure introduced in 1.5.13. All other bugs are trivial or older.


  • update -h output for -I (max item size)
  • fix segfault in "lru" command
  • fix compile error on centos7
  • extstore: error adjusting page_size after ext_path
  • extstore: fix segfault if page_count is too high.
  • close delete + incr item survival race bug
  • FreeBSD superpages checking.
  • FreeBSD capabilities support.
  • memcached-tool dump fix loss of exp value
  • Add optional feature support to RPM package building
  • Fix "qw" in "" so wait_ext_flush is exported properly

New Features



The following people contributed to this release since 1.5.13.

Note that this is based on who contributed changes, not how they were done. In many cases, a code snippet on the mailing list or a bug report ended up as a commit with your name on it.

Note that this is just a summary of how many changes each person made which doesn't necessarily reflect how significant each change was. For details on what led up into a branch, either grab the git repo and look at the output of git log 1.5.13..1.5.14 or use a web view.

     8	dormando
     2	David Carlier
     1	John Leslie
     1	Tianon Gravi
     1	hayashier
     1	miwasson

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