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New Jandig app, more flexible and sexy
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Jandig ARte

ARte is a Progressive Web App for augmented reality artworks. Our goal is to give a way for artists share their artworks in a simple way.

You can see galleries with pictures of exhibitions created with Jandig.


We are looking for artists (both illustrators and animators) to create great content and help us testing the platform, Wordpress users willing to translate our website from Portuguese to English, someone to help improve the same website and developers to help us with the platform, please contact us through People section below!


We are a small team based in Brazil :D talk to us on Telegram or Twitter: Heloise Cullen, Pablo Diego, VJ Pixel and Rodrigo Oliveira

How it works

Jandig ARte uses AR.js to detect augmented reality markers through the camera of a device and render an image on the device screen, giving the impression that your device is like a virtual window that you looking at.


We decided to go for a PWA because it really seems the future for mobile development and AR.js give us good ways to do augmented reality on web browsers.

Get Started

To contribute to Jandig ARte it would be awesome if you read and our Code of conduct. After a good read you are ready to move foward!


We use docker and docker-compose to ensure a consistent development environment and to make the deploy process as painless possible, so all you need on your development tools to run Jandig ARte is Docker and Docker-Compose.


Docker has good documentation on their website for installing docker and docker-compose for different operating systems like Ubuntu and Debian. To install docker-compose choose your operating system here


To run Jandig ARte all you need to do is:

  • Clone this repo
  • Navigate to the repository folder
  • Run docker-compose
  • Voila!
git clone
cd ARte
docker-compose up

Jandig ARte server will use a self signed certificate to emulate a HTTPS connection to allow us use getUserMedia API on development server and you can access from the machine running the server through https://localhost and for other devices like cellphones you will need to discover the ip or the hostname of your server machine and access through the mobile browser https://{ip-of-server} or https://{hostname-of-server} e.g. https://shelby.local for a server with hostname 'shelby'.

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