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A particle system node based on Cocos2d-SpriteBuilder
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A project implementing particle systems based on Cocos2d-SpriteBuilder. Intended for use with particle systems created in Particle Editor.


Clone the project or download the latest release from GitHub, or add it as a git submodule: git submodule add

Then, embed the library:

  1. Drag a project into Xcode workspace, adding it as a subproject (either HGParticleSystem-ios.xcodeproj or HGParticleSystem-osx.xcodeproj depending on the platform).
  2. Add a Header Search Path directing to HGParticleSystem in your project Build Settings.
  3. Add libHGParticleSystem-ios.a or libHGParticleSystem-osx.a in Link Binary With Libraries section of your project Build Phases.
  4. HGParticleSystem requires external cocos2d headers, so make sure to add a Header Search Path directing to cocos2d in the selected HGParticleSystem project Build Settings, like so: alt text


  1. Create some .hgps files in Particle Editor, or download examples after following the link.
  2. Load .hgps files into in-memory cache. The cache prepopulates a number of particle system instances, available for immediate use.
  3. Get an available instance of the particle system from the cache and add it as a child to a node. By default, the particle system will be automatically removed from parent after it finishes playing (see autoRemoveOnFinish property) and returned to the cache for reuse.
#import "HGParticleSystemCache.h"
#import "HGParticleSystem.h"

// add particle system to the cache
[[HGParticleSystemCache sharedCache] addParticleSystemFromFile:@"explosion.hgps"];
// get an available particle system
HGParticleSystem *system = [[HGParticleSystemCache sharedCache] particleSystemForKey:@"explosion.hgps"];
// returned system might be nil
if (system)
    [self addChild:system];


HGParticleSystem also permits programmatic creation and configuration. All property values editable in Particle Editor can be changed in code.

HGParticleSystem *system = [[HGParticleSystem alloc] initWithMaxParticles:256];
[system setTexture:image withRect:(CGRect){CGPointZero, texture.contentSizeInPixels}];
[system setValue:@YES forKey:HGLoopingPropertyKey];
[system setPropertyWithConstant:@10 forKey:HGStartSizePropertyKey];

Most properties are of dynamic nature and therefore they should only be set with designated -setProperty:forKey: method or similar convenience setters. Some properties as simple values and should be set with -setValue:forKey methods.

Please refer to HGParticleSystem.h for more information on available property keys and their specifics.


Apple's Metal graphics API rendering is not supported.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

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