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A library for generating shrugapillars.
+## What?
+> A shrugapillar is a creature that is meant to be used in a scenario in which one believes a matter will eventually escalate to a problem but that the issue will still not be their problem. Though one has not shrugged off the potential of the issue yet, it is known that the matter will cocoon and be reborn as a full blow problem that they will still not care about.
+— __[Kait Marcinek](, Meme Artist
+> A fine respite from the usual mass-produced fare we address [in the meme community], the shrugapillar is an interesting play on two themes. One one hand, we have our cynic, the shrug man emoji, whose very expression is one of an existential ennui. A meme which encapsulates the modern condition, one in which we have abundance of things, but not of purpose. On the other hand, we have the cuteness of the matter, the unicode character antenna, and the round, jolly body. This reminds the viewer of more lighthearted fare such as the lenny face and cutesy unicode cats. This is an interesting finish, as if to say "life is suffering, but there is so much goodness in the world to suffer for".
+— __Kevin Cox__, Senior Meme Analyst
## Installation
$ npm install shrugapillar

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