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⚛️ An automatic Redux reducer, taking the pain out of Redux.
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An automatic Redux reducer, taking the pain out of Redux.


npm i --save Diluter


Create a Store

import Diluter from 'Diluter'

const defaultState = {
  USER: { name: '', id: 0 },

const store = Diluter(defaultStore)
  <Provider store={store}>
    <App />
, document.getElementById('root'))

Connect a Component

import { Connector } from 'Diluter'

class App extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        Hello {}!
        You have {this.props.FRIENDS.length} friends.

// Connector takes 3 arguments:
// 1. The React Component
// 2. The keys of the store to pass as props
// 3. Actions to be mapped with dispatch as props
export default Connector(App, ['USER', 'FRIENDS'], [])

Dispatching an Action

const setUserName = name => dispatch => {
    type: 'USER', // The key to target in the store
    name // Automatically apply the name to the "USER" object

class SetName extends Component {
  render() {
    return (
        Please choose a new name.
          placeholder={'John Doe'}
          onChange={e => this.props.setUserName(}

// "setUserName" needs to recieve a dispatch function to
// dispatch changes to the store. This is automatically
// mapped to all functions passed in the 3rd argument,
// after which they're passed to the component via props.
export default Connector(SetName, ['USER'], [setUserName])

Action with Custom Reducer

// In this case, friend is an object containing
// arbitrary data about the user. Not 
const addFriend = friend => dispatch => {
    type: 'FRIENDS',
    reducer: (state) => {
      // This function will determine the new state
      // of the "FRIENDS" object in the store instead
      // of the usual automatic reducer built into Diluter.

      // Append the friend object to the store (FREINDS object)
      return [...state, friend]

Hook into the Reducer

// The hook allows you to modify reductions after the
// normal reducer but before it gets applied to the store.
const hook = (newState, action) => {
  // Set a value with the key "lastAction" containing
  // the action in the store before applying it.
  return { ...newState, lastAction: action }
const store = Diluter(defaultState, hook)
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