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ImageSpace is an application built on top of ImageCat that allows a user to browse a rich catalog of EXIF-metadata extracted and OCR extracted information from images. It allows histogram and D3-based visual search, free text search and retrieval and performs image similarity metrics using computer vision techniques and metadata-techniques (e.g., Jaccard Similarity).


ImageSpace can be spun up quickly by means of Docker containers, see the ImageSpace Quickstart.

Image Similarity through SMQTK can be made available by following the ImageSpace SMQTK Quickstart.


See the installation README for instructions.


ImageSpace is developed by the JPL-Kitware-Continuum team funded through the DARPA Memex program.

Questions, comments?

Send them to Chris A. Mattmann.


Jeff Baumes, Kitware
Chris Mattmann, JPL


This project is licensed under the Apache License, version 2.0.