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Here are two examples from the Interrupt post Embedded C/C++ Unit Testing Basics.

Initial Setup

# macOS
brew install cpputest lcov

# Ubutunu
sudo apt-get install -y cpputest lcov

In, it is also necessary to define the two values, which depend on where CppUTest was installed on the platform.

CPPUTEST_HOME ?= /usr/local/Cellar/cpputest/3.8

Minimal Example

This contains a very simple module my_sum.c which is tested by a simple test located at tests/src/test_my_sum.cpp

The tests can be run by running:

$ cd minimal/tests
$ make

Complex Example

This example includes using littlefs in a unit test so we need to clone the repository first

The tests can be run by running:

$ cd complex
$ git clone
$ cd tests
$ make
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