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# Overview
## Memgraph v0.15.0
Memgraph is an ACID compliant high performance transactional in-memory graph
database management system featuring highly concurrent data structures,
multi-version concurrency control and asynchronous IO.
## Highly Available Memgraph v0.1.0
HA Memgraph is an ACID compliant, highly available, transactional, in-memory
graph database management system based on the Raft protocol.
## Memgraph Lab v1.0.0
Memgraph Lab is a lightweight and intuitive openCypher and Bolt compatible
integrated development environment (IDE), designed to help you import data,
develop, debug and profile database queries and visualize query results.
## Note
These pages contain only the documents related to the latest versions of
Memgraph products. For older versions please visit
[this]( page.
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