A simple solver for Non-negative Matrix Factorization
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This C++ library proposes a Non-negative Matrix Factorization solver.


First, this library requires Armadillo.

Method 1

Build the lib.
Add the libNMFSolver.a and the headers files to your project.
Add the lib '-lNMFSolver' as library for the compilation
Include "NMFSolver.hpp"

Method 2

Copy the files to your source directory
Include "NMFSolver.hpp"


The principal class of this library is the NMFSolver class. The constructor takes as arguments:

A The matrix to be factorize
W The W matrix such that *A = WH*
H The H matrix such that *A = WH*

Note that the dimensions of W and H must be already defined and guide the solving.

The other arguments are the following:

gradient_method: 0 for KL multiplicative update, 2 for L2 additive, 21 for L2 without coordinate descent W/H (Default 0)
init_method: 0 initialize W with random columns of A, 1 initialize W with random values [0,1], both initialize H with random values [0,1] (Default 1)
sparsity_coefficient: Sparsity coefficient for the gradient update (Default 0.001)
time_out_in_second: Stop criteria in seconds (Default 3)
number_of_iteration_step: Stop criteria in number of iterations (Default 200)
convergence_stop: Stop criteria of convergence (Default 1e-6)
W_fix: If true, the algorithm does not modify W (Default false)
H_fix: If true, the algorithm does not modify H (Default false)
verbose: If true, print the current cost at each iteration (Default false)

To run the solver, call the method solve

Solver s(A,W,S);

To extract the cost of the solution

double cost = s.lossFunction()