DEPRECATED. Use ofMesh or ofVboMesh.
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C++ openFrameworks addon wrapper for Vertex Arrays & Vertex Buffer Objects (coming soon) to allow Immediate mode style syntax on embedded systems / iPhone etc. (Probably now is superseded by built in ofMesh and ofVboMesh classes). Demo at


The code in this repository is available under the MIT License.
Copyright (c) 2008-2012 Memo Akten,
The Mega Super Awesome Visuals Company


Copy to your openFrameworks/addons folder.




openFrameworks 0072
I am generally testing only with openFrameworks, however it should work with Cinder too. If it doesn't, please file an issue.

Known issues


Version history

v1.1 23/09/2012

  • compatible with OF0072
  • renamed (uppercase) MSA namespace to (lowercase) msa. (kept MSA as an alias for backwards compatibility)


  • move to centralized MSALibs
  • everything is msa:: namespace
  • seperated interface and implementation in header file

v0.8 16/05/2009

  • fixed bug with normals and texture coordinates (thanks jonbro)

v0.71 29/04/2009

  • restores all client states to how they were before modding (only in safe mode)

v0.6 07/04/2009

  • changed license to revised BSD (a lot more more permissive than GPL)

v0.5 19/02/09

  • renamed methods to avoid confusion with opengl functions:

    • glVertex is now addVertex
    • glColor is now setColor
    • glNormal is now setNormal
    • glTexCoord is now setTexCoord
    • glBegin / glEnd are now begin / end
    • glRect is now drawRect
  • added safeMode option (on by default)

  • with safeMode on (default):

    • array is automatically reallocated when space runs out
    • all client states are enabled and disabled as nessecary
  • with safeMode off (for advanced users) you can get much better performance if you know what to do, see docs.

  • lots of other optimizations and restructuring

  • all methods now inline

  • using normal arrays instead of vectors

v0.3 04/02/09

  • added draw() to redraw the cached shape

v0.2 30/01/09

  • added glRect()

v0.1 27/01/09

  • initial version