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Modify the following files to match your environment:

Network configuration

Chose one network configurations for your environment:

Provider networks

Deploys the simplest configuration, in which you use provider networks to attach instances to. This means:

  • No private networks
  • No virtual routers
  • No floating IPs
  • Only admin users can modify and create networks
  • An existing network is required

Note This option works with SDN's


Before the service is running, create a docker network that will act as a provider network in OpenStack:

docker network create openstack-provider-net \
    --driver=bridge \
    --subnet= \
    --ip-range= \

After the service is running, create a provider network:

openstack network create --share --external \
    --provider-physical-network provider \
    --provider-network-type flat provider

And its subnet:

openstack subnet create --network provider \
    --allocation-pool start=,end= \
    --dns-nameserver --gateway \
    --subnet-range provider-subnet

Create a port:

openstack port create \
    --fixed-ip subnet=provider-subnet,ip-address= \
    --enable \
    --network provider \

Self-service networks

Self-service configuration allows attaching instances to private networks (VxLans). This means:

  • Private networks
  • Virtual routers
  • Floating IPs
  • Non-admin users can modify and create networks
  • Attach instances to provider networks

Note This option works with SDN's

Note Configuration steps are missing


Docker networking

Host networking

Provider networks

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