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OpenStack docker base image

This is the Arch Linux base image based on shaddock/archlinux for most of the docker containers.

It contains the following tools:

  • gcc
  • base-devel
  • git
  • gcc-libs
  • wget
  • python2
  • python2-pip
  • python2-setuptools
  • python2-netifaces
  • wget
  • supervisor
  • nss
  • nspr
  • mariadb-clients
  • mysql-python
  • postgresql
  • python-psycopg2
  • mpfr
  • configparse

Next steps

  • Move the base image to alpine and make them as small as possible.
  • Pulling openstack services from Arch repos (self-builded) instead from git should reduce dependencies and space
  • Moving to python3.6
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