Maven Plugin to submit hadoop jobs
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Maven Plugin for Hadoop
Copyright (C) 2011 MeMo News AG

This is a maven plugin for Hadoop issued under Apache License. 
This software comes with absolutely *NO WARRANTY* whatsoever. 
See LICENSE.txt for more details. 


The plugin should be available in the central repository soon.

where , hadoopHome  is set to HADOOP_HOME installation directory of the version against which this needs to be compiled against.

Usage / Goals:

* mvn hadoop:pack

Creates the jar file to be submitted to the hadoop job engine. 

The jar contains a directory called ./lib , that contains all the dependent jars in the same. 
The classes of the current project are also available in the same. 

The jar would be created in $basedir/target/hadoop-deploy/${}-{artifact.version}-hdeploy.jar. 

Once created, this could be started with the hadoop jar engine. 

$ $HADOOP_HOME/bin/hadoop jar  $basedir/target/hadoop-deploy/${}-{artifact.version}-hdeploy.jar   job.launching.class

* mvn hadoop:deploy

Deploys the packed job to the given path on hdfs.