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Sunstreet is a minimalistic blog template, specially made for Github pages and can be statically/dynamically served anywhere else too. You can view the demo from here which is my personal blog.

Screenshot Am I Responsive

Usage Features

  1. Responsive --- Try screenify to see how it looks on different devices.
  2. Single Page App --- Using Routie we have hash based navigation, that is compatible with github pages, and older browsers.
  3. Minimalistic -- The design was inspired by Medium, and Slidebars demo website.
  4. Dynamic TOC --- A dynamic table of contents found in the right sidebar Inspired by stackeditor.
  5. Markdown --- Content written in Markdown format, and compiled on the fly, instead of compiling them into html files then having to upload them.
  6. Code Hilighting -- HighlightJS is included.
  7. Github API --- Since contents compiled on the fly this made it possible to also load any document found on github, such as projects', examples are in demo version.
  8. Disqus --- Disqus comments plugin, wish SPA hash support.
  9. Analytics --- Google Analytics with SPA hash support.
  10. CMS check http://project/cms.html

Development Features

  1. Architecture --- We try to follow 12Factor app guidlines.
  2. Build --- We use Gulp to build, compile and optimize artifacts the project, using gulp command.
  3. Serve --- Site can be simply served with gulp serve
  4. Javascript --- Simple and in one file main.js the code is is compatible with jshint.
  5. Html5
  6. CSS --- Built by Less for maximum maintability, simplicity, and productivity.


You just download the Demo source (which is latest version) and edit the index.html and content.json to fit your needs.


  1. npm install jshint -g you'll need this if you're using emacs jshint adhook.
  2. You clone this repo.
  3. cd to the project and npm install and bower install
  4. build using gulp , and run test server using gulp serve.

Contribution and Future features

Small Pull Requrests are much welcome, just don't forget to comment them, as for bigger PRs they might take longer time since I might not have time reviewing them all.

As for future plan here's a humble brain storm:

  1. JS code modularity and pluggability.
  2. More reliance on content.json file instead of hardcoding any content, e.g disqus configurations Done
  3. More improvements on tests
  4. Continuous integration if necessary. Done
  5. content.json validation Done


Copyright (c) 2015 Ismail Marmoush and other contributors. Licensed under the Affero GPL V3. See License


Sunstreet - A Single Page App - A Github pages template - A blog







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