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FrameTrail CodeSnippetRepository


  1. Install NodeJS
  2. Install MySQL
  3. In MySQL (eg via phpMyAdmin), add a new database and a new user, with privileges to that database (note down database name, user name and password)
  4. Go to Terminal, and change into the directory of this file (
  5. Run the command $ npm install
  6. Edit the file package.json with your favorite text editor. You have to adjust the config part
"config": {
  "port": 3000,
  "admin-password": "freund",
  "debug": true,
  "db-host": "localhost",
  "db-port": null,
  "db-user": "codesnippets",
  "db-password": "Joscha123!",
  "db-database": "codesnippets"
  1. Run the command $ npm start
  2. Go to browser (in this case http://localhost:3000)

Setup production environment

To run NodeJS apps within an Apache server, use something like this

To run the app as a system service, use systemd or alike:

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