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Store repositories in a root as /var/lib/freight/<manager>/<distro>/<deb>.
"Compile" to /var/cache/freight.
freight-add <deb> <manager>/<distro>...
Copy and hard link <deb> into place in each <manager>/<distro>
If you do backups, make sure to use the -H option to rsync(1).
Don't have to copy if we're on the same device.
(Optionally) remove files from each distro that start with "<name>_".
freight-cache <manager>/<distro>...
Sort the packages in each distro.
Build a Packages file for each architecture mentioned.
Grab the control file from each package.
Augment it with Size, MD5Sum, SHA1, SHA256, and Filename.
Make sure Package is first, Version is second, and Description is last.
gzip every Packages file.
Build the Release file for each architecture mentioned.
Build the Release file with the checksums for each contained Release and Packages file.
gpg sign the Release file.
Default directories?
For Debian-style, all that's important is the dists/ hierarchy?
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