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MemoStash - Thought Capture App with Privacy + Voice

A tool to capture, organize and grow all your thoughts including: ideas, insights, logs, journal entries, notes, todos & more.


The Though Capture Tool for all your ideas, notes, journals, logs & todos 🧠

An open-source, privacy focused, and powerful tool to help you reduce mental clutter and give your mind space for new thoughts.

Why MemoStash?

MemoStash is built to support lots of different thought types and ways of thinking, making it as easy as possible to capture, organize and review all your thoughts.

Speak Your Mind

Use your Voice to Text & Text to Voice Ai powered engines to literally speak your mind as the thoughts flow. You’re able to search, edit, & action all your thoughts as you need.

Simple Structure

Set up different Stashes to house your different types of thoughts. Each Stash is customizable with features to help you keep your mind clear and free for new thoughts.

Prompts & Status

Track everything from ideas, insights, logs, journal entries, notes, todos! Add prompts or questions to help thoughts flow, or add statuses to know what still needs to be done.

Review & Recap

No more forgotten thoughts! Set up scheduled reviews to automatically receive a digest of your thoughts as text or audio to reflect, build upon or dismiss them.

Open Source 👀 + Privacy Focused 💖

People either “Love” or “Don/'t Care about” privacy. We believe your data is yours, and your thoughts should not be used to target you in any way - skewing your opinions, preferences or purchases - ever.

Anyone can claim to be “Privacy friendly” by making a couple of generic keyword based blog posts, but we decided to put our money where our mouth is, or technically put our code where people can see.

That's why MemoStash is both an Open-Source project and an Open Company - sharing what we do publicly for the ultimate transparency.


Give everyone the ability to view, validate and challenge our privacy standing


Give users the ability to take their data and run it on their own private isolated system


Building with our users by inviting open discussions, contributions and constant feedback


Inspire others to build tools, and learn from others who push for a more privacy aware future

Why no landing page?

We used several landing pages during our research and user interviews stage to highlight specific problems, or to present specific features. The feedback we received during this phase has helped shape the future of MemoStash.

Instead of making a final landing page with a signup form, we decided to just build and share snapshots of progress on Twitter.

"But a waitinglist form is so easy!?!" Sure, but whats the UX of being on a waiting list only to get a "We've Launched" email in x Months - forcing you to try to remember what it was or why you even signed up.

We're launching our Beta soon - value from the word go.

Who's behind MemoStash?

MemoStash is currently building up it's founding team. A part of that process is ensuring 100% alignment on the vision for MemoStash. Hypotheticals and Ideas are too open to individual perception, so building a founding team when there is something material leads to a greater foundation to build upon and greater shared vision overall.

For now the official MemoStash team is made up of the following people:

Omar McAdam (@McPizza0 on GH+TW) - Founder

20+ Years in IT & Tech

Early Adopter, Pragmatist, Optimist & Realist

Product oriented problem solver and builder (Ex Product at ClickUp)

5x Founder, 10+ years Consulting

Advisors & Consultants

Iuliia Smorodina - Non-Tech focused UX/UJ advisor

Obi Fahmy - DevOps Consulting

Didier Varlot - Organizational + Product Consulting

Waleed El Aghil - Market Research and Industry Solutions

How to follow?


  1. MemoStash Public - The simple Voice Memo App for thinkers and do-ers!




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