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This are hardened (grsecurity) kernels for Linux (debian)
- modern vanilla kernel
- applied GrSecurity - the excellent linux security patches
- used base options
- configure kernel options for 5+ levels of security to choose
- release as distribution (e.g. .deb files)
Choose a kernel to use, as root do: dpkg -i filename.deb to install it. Then boot it, that's all.
Possibly set pax flags later if any problems with applications.
* Choose a kernel: start with [goodsrv] kernel.
- boot: if system does not boot at all, use other kernel
- video: if system boots but video mode is not working, try patching Xorg (no ioports) or use other/open driver, if this can not be resolved, use other kernel
- apps-pax: if all works but some programs crash/hang: firefox, icedove, java, python - then set proper PAX flags with setfattr (google it - TODO documentation, it's one command easy) else use other kernel
* Choose a [good] kernel.
- boot: if it fails again, skip this kernel
- video: if it fails again, skip this kernel
- apps-pax: if it fails again, skip this kernel
* Choose a regular kernel (return to normal kernel)
- but we will release more compatible kernels [normal] and [light] in future.
PLEASE, please report the bug to us!
All your bugreports and any other constructive feedback is very important to us, see
Secured Kernel variants:
min - desktop: 100% compatible identical operation to regualar system
light - desktop: compatible but changes (e.g. hides processes, dmesg), very light
normsrv - server: most grsecurity except expensive stuff
norm - desktop: most grsecurity except expensive stuff (except kmem/IOports)
goodsrv - server: all grsecurity is used
good - desktop: all grsecurity is used (except kmem/IOports)
bestsrv - server: all grsecurity is used and some other asserts/debugs
maxsrv - server: all grsecurity is used and very expensive asserts like IOMMU/VM debug/assert
crazysrv - server: absolutelly all possible security options, checks, asserts etc are turned on