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The memsindustrygroup/Open-Source-Sensor-Fusion GitHub site is a subset of the Accelerated Innovation Cooperative effort, sponsored by MIG. AIC champions community development of an open source repository of algorithms and datasets for sensor fusion and analytics. This repository contains a snapshot of Version 4.22 of Freescale Semiconductor's sensor fusion library. Features include:

  • C source library for 3, 6 and 9-axis sensor fusion
  • Sensor fusion datasheet which provides an overview of the sensor fusion library capabilities, including electrical and computation metrics
  • Sensor fusion user guide
  • Basic tutorial information relating to sensor fusion

There is extensive documentation in the associated wiki, which you can access via the toolboar to the right. Freescale recently (Sept. 2015) released version 5.00 of the sensor fusion library, which will eventually make it's way here as well. In the meantime, you can access it at It is subject to the same license as what you find here.