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... to the MEMS Industry Group (MIG) Open-Source-Sensor-Fusion wiki! The memsindustrygroup/Open-Source-Sensor-Fusion GitHub site, sponsored by MIG, to encourage development of an open source repository of algorithms and datasets for sensor fusion and analytics. Announced at the Nov 2014 MEMS Executive Congress, you can already see:

  • C source library for 3, 6 and 9-axis sensor fusion
  • Sensor fusion datasheet which provides an overview of the sensor fusion library capabilities, including electrical and computation metrics
  • Sensor fusion user guide
  • Basic tutorial information relating to sensor fusion

Some of the initial documentation has a Freescale look and feel. Freescale Semiconductor seeded the effort with the contribution of its sensor fusion library, so that is what we have on hand. Eventually you can expect everything to be packaged under MIG's banner. We hope to see both industry and academia using, improving and adding functionality.