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MemSQL Benchmark Tools
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MemSQL Benchmark Tools

This tool is a set of scripts that let you benchmark MemSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB as described in Reading Between the Benchmarks. It simulates a multiplayer game by running queries against a database.

The benchmark is easy to get up and running, and we encourage you to both run it on your own and extend it to test your favorite database/configuration.


We've only tested it on Linux, but there should be nothing preventing it from running on similar *nix systems.

You'll need to install a few Python packages (through easy_install or pip):

  • pymongo
  • MySQL-python (requires libmysqlclient-dev and python-dev)


The benchmark configuration is in The fields are explained inline, and you should visit this file to adjust things like:

  • Which database to connect to and where
  • How many worker processes to use
  • Whether or not to enable printing statistics
  • How long the simulation runs


After you've tweaked the configuration options in, just run benchmark with

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