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Memphis Technology Foundation

Netlify Status

Memphis Technology Foundation is a group interested in getting stuff done. Making stuff happen. Facilitation.

Powered by Sculpin. =)


I'd like to contribute!

Great! We can't wait to see it. Please read our contribution guidelines and get to work.

Local Development for Prototyping Changes

You're going to need a few things:

  • A copy of this codebase
  • One of the recommended deving systems listed below to cover the following resources

Clone the repo

# get a copy of the code
git clone

Follow one of the local dev methods


Deployment is handled by Netlify whenever a commit or PR is merged to master

How to contribute blog posts

  • Blog posts are stored in the source/_posts/ folder in Markdown format
  • Create a new markdown file in the folder with the appropriate front matter (Variables at the top, use an existing file as an example)
  • Write blog post (HTML is OK after the front matter)
  • Save your changes and commit to version control
  • Open a pull request and await someone to review your changes
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