A web service integration testing framework using spring-ws, Jetlang and Groovy. The underlying test framework used is TestNG. It acts as server and client thereby allowing to write end-to-end test cases for services.
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This is a webservices integration/functional testing tool, specifically designed to execute multi-request, multi-web service test cases. This testing tool can be used for functional and integration testing of SOAP webservice endpoints. It is built on top of TestNG testing framework, spring webservices project and uses Jetlang and Groovy.
Head over to the wiki pages for a quick start.


Pre-requisites: Please have maven 3+ and Spring source tool suite (or eclipse) installed. This project relies on the groovy-eclipse compiler in order to compile the code and not maven java or groovy compiler. If that is unviable please modify the pom accordingly. You also need to install the Groovy feature(including the optional 1.8 compiler) in STS/eclipse. If you are using plain vanilla eclipse, then M2Eclipse and EGit plugins need to be installed apart from the groovy eclipse plugin.


  1. git clone git@github.com:menacher/Test-Tools.git
  2. cd Test-Tools
  3. cd ws-int-test
  4. mvn clean eclipse:eclipse - Takes time, the first time!
  5. Now go to eclipse -> file -> import -> git -> select repository and import the ws-int-test project
  6. ws-int-test project in eclipse -> right click on pom.xml -> run as -> maven test - Takes time the first time!

If everything works as expected you should see some test cases executed successfully!

Happy coding!