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The given test script verifies that the checked nameservers do not allow recursion by looking for the "ra"-flag in the output of the dig-tool.

The checked nameservers are determined by querying the NS-records of the given domain.


Recursion (sometimes also referred to as recursive requests) refers to a nameserver which resolves queries by querying other nameservers. As per above explanation, this is part of a resolving nameserver and might lead to abuse (Cache-Poisoning, Reflection, DNS-Amplification attacks).

Authoritative nameservers (NS-records point to authoritative ones) should never perform recursion at all. Unless operating a public resolver, recursion should only be allowed for internal clients/systems.


Disabling recursion is as simple as defining

recursion: no;

in the options { } block. In case you are using views, you may selectively disable and enable recursion by defining the above in the specific view { } block instead of the options { } block.

If for any reason you do have to allow recursion for some specific clients, you should work with acl's and allow-recursion { }.

acl "clients" {;

options {
    allow-recursion { clients; };

Mind that you cannot mix recursion: no; and allow-recursion { }.

Further information