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This Yocto meta layer contains all the recipes needed to build the Mender client into a Yocto image.

For instructions on using this meta layer as part of a Yocto build environment, please see the Mender documentation.

Maintenance strategy

The repository follows the release-named branch strategy.

Current branch state

Branch master is in development maintenance.

Maintenance states

A branch can be in one of the following maintenance states:

State Maintenance level
bleeding edge Expect breakage as we're working on things. No guarantees for functionality at any given point in time.
development Development once it has stabilized is applied here. Not recommended for production, breakage is considered a bug and will be fixed. Feature submissions should always be applied here first.
stable Ready for production. Stability takes precedence over features.
end of life No maintenance. Expect increasing security problems and breakage. Updating to a stable branch is highly recommended.

Supported layers

The following layers in this repository are officially supported by Mender:

  • meta-mender-core (Core components of Mender)
  • meta-mender-demo (Demo layer. Not intended for production)
  • meta-mender-raspberrypi (Raspberry Pi 3 board support)
  • meta-mender-raspberrypi-demo (Raspberry Pi 3 demo-board modifications)
  • meta-mender-qemu (QEMU emulator board support)

Commercially available components are available through the meta-mender-commercial layer. See the Readme for further information.

Additional hardware platform support is maintained separately in the meta-mender-community repository.


We welcome and ask for your contribution. If you would like to contribute to Mender, please read our guide on how to best get started contributing code or documentation.