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What is the GenderMag Recorder's Assistant?

The GenderMag Recorder’s Assistant is a tool to identify gender-inclusiveness issues in software. GenderMag is a process you can use to find gender biases in user-facing software that you are designing/building. The GenderMag Recorder’s Assistant semi-automates using this process. It is easy to use and can be used by software engineers to management to usability experts.

If you want to help make software gender-inclusive, one way is to contribute to the GenderMag Recorder’s Assistant.

We welcome everyone with any background to contribute to making the world of software more gender inclusive.

How to install the GenderMag Recorder's Assistant:

  1. Create a fork of the project to your GitHub account.

  2. Install the tool by following steps(a-h)

    a) Click on "Clone or download" and the click "Download zip".

    b) Open Chrome and click on the icon(⋮)in the top right corner.

    c) Click on “More tools” -> “Extensions”.

    d) Enable on developer mode by checking the “Developer Mode” slider in the top right.

    e) Click on “Load unpacked extension” under the search bar.

    f) Select the folder you saved the extracted file and click "ok".

    g) Click on “Update ” under the search bar.

    h) A new extension called ”GenderMag Recorder's Assistant” should be in the top left corner of the extensions.

  3. If you want to run the tool at this point, navigate to the page you wish to perform GenderMag on and click the maroon GenderMag button at the bottom of the screen. (See the video at for examples of running it.)


Please follow our Code Of Conduct and read our Contributing Guide.


Please see the Contributors Graph for our list of contributors.


  1. How to install GenderMag Recorder’s Assistant (chrome extension):
  2. Technologies used in the project:
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    • JavaScript