Shutdown script for XBox Wireless Controller for PCs
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If you have a wireless XBox controller for PC, then you cannot turn the controller off without removing-and-reattaching the battery pack.

Also, if you shut your computer off, the XBox controller will keep trying to find the wireless receiver until it drains the battery.

This project is a 'shutdown' script which you can use;

  • Set it as a shutdown script so that it always turns the XBox controller off when turning your PC off
  • Call it directly to turn the XBox controller off

You can use the standalone PowerShell script, or you can use the executable file.

To set it in your shutdown,

Click Start > Run... gpedit.msc

Go to startup/shutdown scripts:

GPEdit settings

Under the scripts tab, add the powershell script (adding to the PowerShell tab didn't work for me, I used this tab instead):


Or add the EXE directly


Apply and close.

Finally, Start > Run...

gpupdate /force