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Welcome to Mendicant University's mentoring program!

If you're looking to sign up for mentoring, this is the place

To sign up for a mentoring session, read these instructions first, and make sure that what you need help with meets our criteria.

Then head on over to the Issues log to request a session. You should hear back from a mentor soon about your request and to arrange a meeting time.

After your session, please give us some feedback about how it went. This is really essential to improving the program. Your mentor will write up a summary of your session on the wiki. You can add your comments to this page, or if you prefer to be anonymous you can fill out a survey.

Questions? Try the FAQ or other pages on the wiki. Or ask on the #mendicant irc channel on freenode, or shoot us an email.

If you're an MU alumni and want to volunteer

Contact Greg. You'll need to get permission on the github repo and wiki.

OK, I'm a mentor now so what do I do?

Read these instructions.