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Quiz application inspired by Project Euler and the Internet Problem Solving Contest (IPSC)
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PuzzleNode Logo

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PuzzleNode is a site for coders who enjoy to work on challenging problems, and is inspired by similar efforts such as Project Euler and the Internet Problem Solving Contest.

Puzzlenode is developed, maintained, and supported by Mendicant University students and staff. If you'd like to get involved join the conversation on our mailing list:


Puzzlenode is a Ruby on Rails 3 application which runs on Ruby 1.9.2 and PostgreSQL databases. Other databases like MySQL or SQLite are not officially supported.

Setting Up a Development Copy: Step by Step

To install a development version of Puzzlenode, follow these steps:

  1. Fork our GitHub repository:
  2. Clone the fork to your computer
  3. Finally, run ./bin/setup to install all of the project's dependencies, create the required config files, create the database, and seed it with data. Be sure to follow the onscreen prompts to complete the setup process.


Features and bugs are tracked through Github Issues.

Contributors retain copyright to their work but must agree to release their contributions under the Affero GPL version 3

If you would like to help with developing PuzzleNode, please get in touch! Our contact details are at the top of this file.

Submitting a Pull Request

  1. If a ticket doesn't exist for your bug or feature, create one on GitHub.
    • NOTE: Don't be afraid to get feedback on your idea before you begin development work.
  2. Fork the project.
  3. Create a topic branch.
  4. Implement your feature or bug fix.
  5. Add documentation for your feature or bug fix.
  6. Add tests for your feature or bug fix.
  7. Run rake test. If your changes are not 100% covered, go back to step 5.
  8. If your change affects something in this README, please update it
  9. Commit and push your changes.
  10. Submit a pull request.


Jordan Byron //
Gregory Brown //

Full List

PuzzleNode - a Mendicant University project

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