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-## PuzzleNode
-This repository is for the upcoming problem solving website that we plan to use
-for both providing the community with fun little puzzles, and for a way to
-evaluate prospective students for Ruby Mendicant University.
+![PuzzleNode Logo](
-Right now, it is being worked on by Gregory Brown and Jordan Byron, without any
-formal way of accepting code contributions. But similar to our work on
-university-web, this project will soon enough accept patches from RMU students
-and the general public. Watch this space if you're interested.
+PuzzleNode is a site for coders who enjoy to work on challenging problems,
+and is inspired by similar efforts such as
+[Project Euler]( and the
+[Internet Problem Solving Contest](
-Feel free to use this code under the terms of the GNU Affero GPL v3.0. Keep
-track of the [RMU News](
-if you want to know when we've launched this service.
+Puzzlenode is developed, maintained, and supported by
+[Ruby Mendicant University]( (RbMU) students
+and staff.
+If you are not a member of RbMU, please get in touch through our public channels:
-Post them to the [rmu-talk mailing list](
+- **Email:** <>
+- **IRC:** #rmu
+- **Twitter:** #RbMU
+## Key Features
+Coming soon
+## Installation
+Puzzlenode is a Ruby on Rails 3 application which runs on
+[PostgreSQL]( databases. Other databases like MySQL
+or SQLite are not officially supported.
+### Setting Up a Development Copy: Step by Step
+To install a development version of Puzzlenode, follow these steps:
+1. Fork our GitHub repository: <>
+2. Clone the fork to your computer
+3. Run `bundle install` to install all of the dependencies
+To configure University Web:
+1. Create a `database.yml` file in `config`. The `config` directory contains
+ an example `database.yml` for PostgreSQL.
+2. Create an `omniauth.yml` file in `config`. The `config` directory contains
+ an example `omniauth.yml` file.
+2. Run the Rails tasks to initialize a development and a test database:
+`rake db:migrate`
+`rake db:test:prepare`
+Finally, run the test suite to make sure everything is working correctly:
+ rake test
+## Contributing
+Approved features are tracked in
+[Pivotal Tracker]( while bugs
+and requested features should be entered into
+[Github Issues](
+Contributors retain copyright to their work but must agree to release their
+contributions under the [Affero GPL version 3](
+If you would like to help with developing PuzzleNode, please get in touch!
+Our contact details are at the top of this file.
+### Submitting a Pull Request
+1. Fork the project.
+2. Create a topic branch.
+3. Implement your feature or bug fix.
+4. Add documentation for your feature or bug fix.
+5. Add tests for your feature or bug fix.
+6. Run `rake test`. If your changes are not 100% covered, go back to step 5.
+7. If your change affects something in this README, please update it
+8. Commit and push your changes.
+9. Submit a pull request.
+PuzzleNode - a [Ruby Mendicant University]( project
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-Use this README file to introduce your application and point to useful places in the API for learning more.
-Run "rake doc:app" to generate API documentation for your models, controllers, helpers, and libraries.
BIN doc/puzzlenode.png
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