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## Building a game in an hour or less

In this exercise, you'll work within your group to build any game that you'd
like. The catch is that you need to try to make the code as good as possible
while simultaneously keeping in mind that you have only an hour or so to
complete your task. If this task sounds daunting, the following guidelines might

  * Your game does not need to be anything complex. You should pick as simple of
    a project as necessary in order to make it possible for your team to ship
    working code by the end of the session.

  * Try to pick a project that all of your team members can contribute to and
    help review, even if one of you does most of the driving.

  * If you can break off a minimal subset of functionality that still does
    something interesting, feel free to do that instead of building a fully
    functional game.

  * Keep in mind that the purpose of this project is for you to develop enough
    Ruby code for us to review and give you some feedback on. Don't spend too
    much time thinking about which project to work on, and don't work on new
    features up to the last minute.

  * Ask for help early and often. We will spend as much time as we can with
    each group helping out with adhoc questions as they arise.

  * You're encouraged to call us over to listen to your idea before you begin
    hacking on it, to help figure out if it's going to be a good fit for
    this exercise.

  * Simple but neatly wrapped up is better than complex but half-done.

  * Remember to have fun! Other sessions are probably doing some sort of 
    SERIOUS BUSINESS right now, while you write games :)