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-- Submissions due 12:00 UTC 8/15

If in doubt about how to submit, see SUBMISSION_GUIDELINES file.

For Exercise #3, You'll be writing and solving a programming exercise.  Yes, I
am aware of how meta this is, and no, this won't be used as session exercises
for the next several months :)

Instead, this is a great way for you to take the time to clearly describe a
problem, and then showcase what you think is a good solution to that problem.  I
will then review the solutions and comment on each of them.

When we are done with this exercise, we can give back to the RMU community at 
large by releasing one problem per week to the RMU General mailing list, giving
them something to work on while they wait for their session to begin.  

While it isn't mandatory for you to donate your submission to this cause, it'll 
count as community service if you do, which may come in handy later if volunteer
positions open up within RMU.  Please let me know if you *DO NOT* want your 
submission shared with the general RMU student population.

This is another pretty open ended problem but here are some rough guidelines to
get you started:

* You should write up a plain text problem description that is suitable for
  sending in an email.

* You should include a file, solution.rb that solves the problem you described.

* Optionally, you can write up additional materials on why you solved the
  problem you did, and what the pros and cons of your approach were.

* Your target audience are other RMU students (though not other Session 0
  students because they'll be able to see your solutions right away).  Try to
  make something that an intermediate programmer can solve within a few hours.

* What you choose for a problem is totally up to you, but aim for something
  closer to than RubyQuiz.  There should be a learning
  opportunity present in your problem.

Forming exercises for fun and educational purposes has been a key part of my
personal learning experience.  If you haven't done it before, this exercise
gives you a chance to see just how rewarding that can be.

QUESTIONS?  Hit me up on the mailing list or IRC channel.