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We've compiled a list of common quality issues encountered during the session and how you can work to remedy them; along with why it's important to do so. Please take your time to carefully read this document and apply its recommendations to your projects. Once you have done so, please ask your review groups for feedback before asking for a formal quality review.

Configuration Notes

  • Keeping sensitive information private
  • Providing example configurations
  • Building configuration objects
  • Using shell environment variables

Style Notes

  • Studying the MU style guide
  • Keeping things tidy
  • Understanding why we do things

Project Layout Notes

  • Using Bundler
  • Organizing your files
  • Managing your environment

Code Structure Notes

  • Namespacing your code
  • Avoiding empty module definitions
  • Avoiding dynamic code loading

Design Notes

  • Avoiding excess global state
  • Avoiding class variables
  • Using modules effectively

Documentation Notes

  • Writing a good README
  • Constructing great examples

FOSS Contribution Notes

  • Being thoughtful