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If in doubt about how to submit, see SUBMISSION_GUIDELINES file.

For this exercise, you'll be writing a email based bot that integrates with a
web service of your choosing.  This will give you a chance to practice service 
mashups while simultaneously producing some neat toys for us to play with.

This exercise is pretty open ended, but please follow the guidelines listed below.


1. You can use any Ruby based email framework you'd like.  I'd recommend
looking at mikel's mail gem, but feel free to try out other libraries.

2. You must integrate with some external application, preferably one that you
haven't interacted with programatically before.

3. Any service that we all can access via HTTP without charge is fair game.  
Even if you want to do something like use Mechanize to scrape a site that 
has no defined service API, that'd be acceptable.

4. You may use any general HTTP tools available in Ruby, I'd recommend looking
at RestClient, HTTParty and Ruby's open-uri stdlib.  You cannot however, use 
a gem that is specific to the service you're integrating with. Feel
free to ask each other for help in figuring out how to wrap your target

5. All interaction with your bot should be done via email, and you should
include the word bot in the recipient name.  (i.e.

6. You should use the mailing list to communicate about what service you plan to
integrate with.  I would prefer if no two students interacted with the same
service, or even the same type of service.

7. You are encouraged to run your bots live and help each other test things out.
You're also encouraged to discuss what sorts of messages you plan for your bots
to accept, so that you can give each other advice on what would be an intuitive

8. The bot you build could be simple, or it could be more complex (possibly
handling registration / authentication / etc.)  But if in doubt, build a simple,
well written project rather than a complex but messy one.


I send an email to with the zipcode 06512 and 
it responds with the weather for New Haven in the message body.

I send an email to with the username seacreature
and it responds with recent tweets from my twitter feed.


Hit up the mailing list or IRC.