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If in doubt about how to submit, see SUBMISSION_GUIDELINES file.

In this exercise, we'll be exploring object oriented design principles, taking a
look at the concept of Connascence in particular.  In this exercise, we'll work
to create realistic examples of these high level concepts in action.


- Start by watching the following talk from Jim Weirich.  It's recommended to
  watch the whole thing, but the essential material begins at 16 minutes and
  runs until the end of the talk:

- Create a realistic example for each of these types of Connascence:
  * Connascence of Position
  * Connascence of Meaning
  * Connascence of Algorithm

- Show how each of the above types of Connascence can be refactored
  down to Connascence of Name

- Show an example of Contranascence as well as how to avoid the problems associated
  with it.

- Try to pick good examples that look like they could be from real code, and 
  avoid duplication of other student's work by describing your scenarios on the
  mailing list or IRC as you work on them.

- Do not re-use the examples from Jim's talk.

- Feel free to use real code from an existing project (your own, another
  student's, or an open source project) to form your examples if you'd like.


Hit up the mailing list or IRC.  RMU exercises are left deliberately open ended,
and often benefit from some discussion before, during, and after you work on