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If in doubt about how to submit, see SUBMISSION_GUIDELINES file.

For this session's challenge exercise, we will be collaboratively working on a
strange little space travel simulator. The initial code for the simulator hints
at some rules for the system, but the whole class will work together to figure
out what the real objectives are.

The purpose of this exercise is to work on a messy, difficult problem together 
and have some good discussions along the way.  You are *not* required to come 
up with a perfect solution, but you are expected to fully participate and
produce working code if you choose to submit this exercise.

The goals are pretty open ended, but please follow the guidelines listed


* Your primary goal is to create at least one Driver object.  These are the
  objects that tell Vehicles how to move.  Different vehicles on the maps can
  have different drivers, so your goal is to provide a driver which takes that
  into account and doesn't assume that all drivers have the same sort of brain.

* As a group, it's your goal to determine what the object of the game is.  One
  possibility is that the goal would be to make it so that all the vehicles make
  it to their home docks without crashing into anything (this is the only
  condition that presently allows Engine#run to exit without error).  But you
  can also come up with rules of your own, as long as the necessary features
  get built and the group agrees on the rules.

* This system has some bugs, missing features, and confusing parts to it.  It
  also has very little test coverage.  You can submit patches to fix issues or
  add tests, and I will then pull them upstream.

* It is strongly recommended that you all work together to read and study the
  code.  Make use of the notes section on this assignment's page in
  university-web to collect information as the course goes on.

* If there are any questions or disputes about requirements or suggested changes 
  to the system, try to reach consensus first.  If needed, I will make any final
  design decisions.

* I will base acceptance for this assignment on both overall participation and
  your Driver object.  The less you participate in helping the whole group
  through both discussion and patches to the simulator itself, the more I will 
  expect your Driver object to be well polished.

* Please use Ruby 1.9.2 with no external dependencies for this project.  Using
  anything in the standard library is fine.


Hit up the mailing list or IRC. RMU exercises are left deliberately open ended,
and often benefit from some discussion before, during, and after you work on

If you have little experience with web programming, please let me know and I'll
collect some resources for you to get you up to speed. Not a ton of knowledge
is needed to work through this exercise.