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Anita Borg

Anita, Mendicant Universities IRC Bot.


git clone git://
cd anita
rake start

When running rake start anita will install her dependencies, help you create a default configuration and initialize the database. She will then start up both her bot and web interfaces.

To access anita's logs via her web interface navigate to:


By default Anita will server you up a nice html view of your request. However you can also provide an optional extension for alternate formats. Below is a list of the extensions Anita currently knows.

  • .markdown -- This produces markdown formatted output you can copy/paste (short version: .md)
  • .html -- The default html view
  • .json -- JSON formatted raw data (short version: .js)


  1. Get anita logging channels. (done)
  2. Create a web service to retrieve logs. (done)


Fork the repo, make your changes (you can use #mendicant-bots as a testing channel) and send a pull request. Please don't wait until you've completed your work to send a pull request. The sooner you start a discussion, the better.